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war_commentary's Journal

War Commentary
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This is a community to discuss the current war in Iraq and keep up with the latest news.</p>

The primary focus of this community, at least initially, is to provide information about the war, links to current news developments, etc. so that the community can become sort of a "mini news source" for people who just want to be able to pop in and see if there is something major happening.

Secondary to that, this should also be a place to discuss the war in general, and events within it.

What this community is *not* for, however, is pro/anti war arguing.

To put it plainly, this is for posting and discussing the events of the war, and the discussion of those facts, and speculation about what they mean.

Some basic links:


BBC News: War in Iraq


Fox News

U.S. Separtment of Defense News

British Ministry of Defence Operation Telic

Australian Government Operation Falconer


Iraq Daily